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Recipe Development: Smoked Blackberry

It’s way past time to add to our menu of jam flavors. Pear and grapefruit seasons are essentially done, and we’re moving onto strawberries. I’m using the 8 millesconds of downtime between fruit waves to play with something that’s been on my radar for a while now: Smoked Blackberry Jam.


Okay, so a smoker isn’t used to impart that campfire flavor to the jam. Instead, I’m pouring boiling jam over dried leaves of lapsang souchong tea, essentially making a jam tea. The tea leaves sit at the bottom of my sieve, so the process also pulls out all the berry seeds while pushing the hot jam through the leaves. The vapors are pretty intense!

I ended up putting back some of the strained seeds into the jam for some extra texture. I wrongly assumed most jam fans would want a seedless jam. But a completely unscientific poll on my personal Facebook page shows respondents actually prefer seeds in the berry jam… and chunks of fruit. That’s good news, since you can’t have chunky fruit in blackberry jam without seeds.

So the smoked blackberry will have seeds and chunky fruit. Stay tuned for more updates as this new flavor wends its way toward reality!